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Not Getting New Clients From LinkedIn?

New Program Shows You How to Grow Your Business in Only 19 Minutes a Day Even if You've Never TOUCHED Social Media Before

How to Leverage the Power of the World’s #1 Business Social Network to Grow Your Business Virtually Overnight!

From: Melonie Dodaro

Imagine Logging Into Your LinkedIn Account and Discovering a Steady Stream of New Leads for You to Follow Up with Every Single Day!

That’s what happened to me after I finally discovered the true power of social media… social selling… and especially social selling leveraging the gigantic database on LinkedIn.

Before learning the secrets to using LinkedIn to grow my business, I struggled to figure out the right sales and marketing tactics to attract more leads, prospects and clients.

If you're like me, you know just how frustrating that can be.

But AFTER I dug in and learned everything I could about how to use LinkedIn to effectively grow – and MANAGE – my lead flow, my business changed.

In fact…. My business REALLY changed!

My phone started ringing a lot more!

Suddenly, decision makers were calling me instead of the other way around. It was awesome!

I started getting more referrals!

In fact, I was getting a tremendous number of referrals and they were all coming from people I’d touched base with on LinkedIn. Many whom I didn’t even know personally!

I was making extremely valuable connections!

Within a very short time, people were asking me HOW I was able to connect with some of the most influential thought leaders and industry moguls so quickly and so easily.

In no time, I was asked to share those secrets with others who needed help growing their business.

At first, I was reluctant. I already had a successful business and am not one to want to claim the spotlight.

Truth be told, I’m a total introvert and prefer to spend my time alone or with just a few close friends.

In fact I think that social media has been the best invention, especially for introverts like me!

From Clueless Beginner to Author of an International #1 Bestseller – Thanks to LinkedIn!

It took a lot of convincing, but eventually I gave in…

It turns out that I really had “cracked the LinkedIn code” for myself. And when I shared it with others, it worked for them too!

Long story short, this has led to speaking invitations and ultimately to me creating another business – this time a social media agency, Top Dog Social Media. (Which, by the way, has also become a major success!)

Of course, the next step was to write a book...

...Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead – writing a book has been one of the most gruelling experiences of my life! My new book, “The LinkedIn Code” gives you an inside taste of what’s possible with LinkedIn. But, a book has limitations and can only contain so much information.

Even when it's an international #1 bestseller!

Along the way I made just about every mistake possible...

That’s why I can speak with authority about what works and what doesn’t. Many of my past students immediately recognize their own mistakes. Once fixed, they see an instant boost to their own profiles and results on LinkedIn.

That’s why I’ve prepared a brand-new, never seen before LinkedIn training program called:

“Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0.”

This course features the latest and most up-to-date information on how to become the go-to person in your niche and create a massive business from your LinkedIn connections.

You'll Walk Away With the Skills to:

Create a Better LinkedIn Profile

Have a profile that really attracts prospects to you and gets you found on Page 1 of a LinkedIn search for the RIGHT keywords prospects would use when searching for what you offer.

Connect With the Right People

Quickly and easily connect with the decision makers in the companies you want to work with (no more awkward conversations with the gatekeeper – or landing in the dreaded “voice mail jail” where no one ever returns your calls)

Build Leads Much Faster

Create your own personal lead list of people who will automatically trust you (Hint: your profile is an outstanding place for people to get to know you, like you and trust you before you ever connect with them)

Manage Your Contacts Better

Use LinkedIn as a contact management tool where you can easily keep track of contacts, correspondence, phone conversations and more

Sell More Products & Services

Have people eager to receive your marketing messages, connect with you and ask for your products or services (This is so powerful, I don’t even share it with most of my personal clients, but it slipped out when I was recording the course so it’s “out there” for you too.)

Build a Good Reputation

Most importantly – how to do all of the above – and a lot more – without coming across as desperate, needy, or worse, the epitome of a ‘70’s used car salesman

And much more!

Each module is carefully crafted to build on the one before it and once you’ve completed the course you’ll be ahead of 97% of all LinkedIn users – and, most importantly, virtually ALL your competitors! This advanced LinkedIn training makes all the difference in your performance.

Here’s a short summary of what the Cracking the LinkedIn Code training program includes:

Module 1: To Crack the Code You’ve Got to Build the Foundation

  • introduces key concepts, best practices and etiquette (misuse LinkedIn and you’ll discover the meaning of the word “pariah!”)
  • shows you a unique but effective way to identify your ideal client and focus everything towards finding that person
  • a short course on keywords and how they work differently on LinkedIn than anywhere else on the Internet

MODULE 2: How Every Code Breaker Should Stand Out from the Crowd

  • how to write a compelling headline that gets you found in LinkedIn’s powerful search engine but more important makes your prospects click on your profile to learn more about you
  • the “what” and “why” of all the profile sections in your LinkedIn profile and how to optimize them for maximum searchability and attract your ideal clients to you
  • how to attract new, high paying clients without any extra effort by having a client-focused and professional profile
  • what to say and how to say it in a way that resonates so closely to your ideal prospect they’ll instantly want to connect with you

MODULE 3: Now You Know the Code: Utilize LinkedIn Features To Solve It

  • how to use tags, reminders, the Contacts page and other features to create effective messaging sequences that keep you top of mind with your clients
  • how to keep your lead generation system organized so you know exactly who to follow up with and when
  • why Advanced Search is so effective and how to use it to narrow down your prospect search to those who are currently in the market for what you offer
  • the power of LinkedIn Groups and how to successfully integrate yourself into the ones that matter most
  • LinkedIn Premium: do you need it? The compelling cases for and against

MODULE 4: Using the LinkedIn Code for Social Selling

  • what social selling is and how it’s different– and more effective – than traditional selling practices
  • how you can use social selling to fill your marketing funnel with qualified buyers who are able to say yes to your offer
  • secrets to growing your network quickly… efficiently… and easily
  • messages that matter: how to create them and when to send them
  • amazing message script templates that work: Melonie’s best advice on writing your own messages to connect with the people that matter in your niche

Module 5: Secrets Master Code Breakers Know: Content Sharing & Thought Leadership

  • the magic of content curation: sending relevant content to your best prospects… (hint – it’s not about writing it all yourself!)
  • the best (and worst) ways to share content – and where it gets noticed most
  • how to become a top contributor and why you want to
  • how to maximize LinkedIn’s new publisher platform to grow a following faster than ever before and position yourself as a credible authority

Module 6: How to Use the LinkedIn Code to Grow Your Business

  • your daily action plan: the actions you need to take each week and the secret to success on LinkedIn
  • Turn your daily actions into an easy to follow checklist that keeps you on task and on target
  • track your lead generation results to find out what is working for you and what isn’t – fine tune your plan to work even better for you
  • how to send mass messages. You’ll discover some rare tricks to get your message in front of more prospects even faster using LinkedIn’s mail features.- this is uber-sneaky stuff and will give you a significant advantage over your competitors
  • and much more!

Ready to change the course of your business for the better?

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Powerful Stuff. Each module is packed with the kind of "insider info" that only someone who has mastered LinkedIn for business can really share. Aside from this powerful video based training system, you get checklists, cheat sheets, templates and real-live examples so you are ready to break through after this course!

What People are Saying…

“I highly recommend Melonie’s LinkedIn training she provides you with the information and personal feedback for your LinkedIn profile to ensure it generates results.

You also get the advice on how to continue working with LinkedIn. Now there are no excuses for not engaging with LinkedIn and connect-connect-connect. Thank you Melonie.”

~Maureen McKinnon, Business Development, Avitan Business Resources, Vancouver, BC

“Melonie’s LinkedIn training is by far, one of the best courses I have ever taken. The materials covered in the lessons were explained and demonstrated very well. The lessons were very practical and could be implemented in a short time frame. This course provided real-life advice that can generate real-life leads.”

~Bruce Wells, Abba Technologies, Albuquerque, NM

“Melonie’s LinkedIn training is the best program for using LinkedIn for business results, period. Don’t miss it!”

~ Andrei Jablokow, Leadership Consultant & Speaker, Philadelphia, PA

“This training delivered exactly what I was promised. When the course was complete I had a ‘rock star’ LinkedIn profile that was focused on my target market. I also had an action plan for connecting to my target market within LinkedIn in a reputable manner, with no risk of being seen as an undesirable LinkedIn citizen.”

~Dave Haggblad, Digital Ink Multimedia, Kelowna, BC

“After attending Melonie’s LinkedIn training, I launched my LinkedIn campaign right away. My goal was to reach out to my connections and create awareness of my services, but also to connect with other professionals for partnership. Being in an industry that requires privacy, I was always hesitant to proactively approach people through LinkedIn.

I learned some very valuable language and best practices that would create value for my connections. Within the first week I increased my proactive contacts from zero to 6. This resulted in 1 new client and 3 partner connections that will bring added value to our client programs and reciprocal business to partners. Plus I received one invitation to speak at a women’s luncheon.

My goal is to continue using the tactics I learned in the this training. I initially thought this would be a time intensive activity but now that I have a streamlined approach and process, the time is well worth the reward.”

~Julie Clitheroe, President, Magnetix Dating, Calgary, AB

Bonus LinkedIn Training for Real Code Breakers!

If all that isn’t enough to convince you Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0 is the training you need to take your business to the next level… how about a few bonuses that I’ve never before shared!

BONUS #1: Setting Up Your Company Page

  • this is a crucial piece of the LinkedIn puzzle. Setting up this simple page can boost your search rankings and get you on the top of the LinkedIn listings even faster – if you do it right!
  • how to use “Showcase Pages” for even more visits to your page!
  • Learn these often overlooked secrets and see very speedy results!

BONUS #2: Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group

  • how to instantly be seen as a “thought leader” to your tribe using this powerful method
  • a secret way to build your email list with more leads, more prospects and more sales
  • how to use this one feature only available to group leaders to deliver content to your tribe (hint: using this correctly, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals even faster!)


  • This bonus ALONE makes "Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0" a complete NO BRAINER!
  • In the group Melonie will continue to share the latest tips, tricks and strategies to keep you ahead of the pack when it comes to LinkedIn
  • Get your most pressing questions answered or get direct feedback from Melonie personally
  • Share and discuss recent changes to LinkedIn as well as what is and is not working for you with your fellow course members
  • Have direct access to Melonie through the group - yours as a BONUS for grabbing "Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0"! Don't underestimate the value of this! Direct access to Melonie to answer questions and provide feedback on your materials is extremely rare and very valuable. And you get this AS PART OF your training!

That's a lot of training!

Normally, you would expect to pay a lot for this powerful LinkedIn training course that’s designed to make you a top 3% LinkedIn user. After all, once you’re in that position, the income comes faster than you ever thought possible. I know this to be true!

(I charge a small fortune to speak to corporations about this very topic. And they usually have me back several times. The value in this program is easily over $3000. You could make that back from a single new client.)


Since I want you to have the same kind of success using LinkedIn that I’ve had – and honor the people who helped me along the way, I’m offering this program for the low price of just $297 USD.

And the best part is you can take this at your own leisure. It’s on-line and self-directed. You could finish it in a few days or a few weeks, whatever works best for you. (The faster you complete the course the sooner you could be growing your business!)

So why not invest in yourself, your future and actually profit from Cracking the LinkedIn Code yourself. Get this powerful LinkedIn training and watch your profits soar!

Just $497 $297 US

But only for a limited time!



Before you go ahead and order... there's ONE MORE THING to consider...

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Cracking the LinkedIn Code is an incredible value. In fact, the price will soon rise. And I urge you to grab it now – so you can get started leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

But before you do, let me make ONE MORE incredible offer to you… (Most marketers hide their upsells on a second page, but this is too important!)

You can also receive a full Video Profile Critique personally done by me where I review your profile and suggest changes you should make to further optimize your results.

You’ll show up at the top of the search results sooner and get found faster by anyone that is searching for your services. Not only that, but I’ll give you some extra personal comments about what you can do to make your profile pop!

The LinkedIn Profile Critique is a service I current offer for $247 and the results speak for themselves.

But as part of the launch package for my new international #1 bestseller, I’ve decided to offer anyone who invests in Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0 a steep discount.

You can add a personalized Video Profile Critique to your order for only $100 – making your total investment just $397! You save $150 – but only if you act now.

Because this is a personalized service, I have to limit these to the first 49 clients. After that, the offer closes.

Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to have me review personally review your profile and offer my personal critique with a video you can watch to make the changes on the spot.

OK, it's decision time! Which Option will you choose?

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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

You have my unconditional 365-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy – for any reason – with the training materials or the delivery – simply let me know and I’ll cheerfully refund your money. I stake my integrity on my training and I believe this to be the very best training on how to leverage LinkedIn for maximum benefit that is available anywhere.

meloniephoto3Melonie Dodaro
CEO, Top Dog Social Media,
Author of the international #1 Bestseller, “The LinkedIn Code”

P.S. These are the same techniques and strategies I used myself to triple my business in just a few short years. If you’re serious about business growth and amping up your profits, do not hesitate to register for this training!

Some of my advisors tell me this course is seriously underpriced and I will be increasing the investment for this program after the book launch dies down. This is your best opportunity to get the most cutting-edge LinkedIn training available at the most reasonable price!

P.P.S. Here it is again… in black and white: Order the complete “Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0” training program for only $297 and receive all the bonuses above – including membership to the PRIVATE "Cracking The LinkedIn Code" Facebook Group to get your questions answered.

Or... for just $100 more you can get a personal Video Profile Critique along with the entire Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0 training program –your total investment is just $397 – but only until spots are filled!

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